Wholesale 50HZ Kubota Diesel Generator from China supplier

Genset Model: KGK10
Emission: Tier 2
L*W*H(mm): 1470*790*1255
L*W*H(mm): 2100*950*1350

Product Description

Kingway has a wide range of option of high quality and reasonable price generator set. We’re a leading company in this industry, we provide various generator sets for farms and agricultural industry, data centers, hospitals, manufacturing centers, quarries, mines, telecommunications, hotels, rural homes and other application.The diesel engine drives the generator to operate, converting the energy of the diesel into electrical energy. Diesel generator set is a type of self-provided power station AC power supply equipment. It is a small independent power generation equipment that uses an internal combustion engine as a power source to drive a synchronous alternator to generate electricity.

Diesel Generator Powered by Kubota ︳Three Phase                                                                                                


Download PDF : 50HZ Kubota Generator 10-27.5KVA.pdf

ESP PRP Emission L*W*H(mm) L*W*H(mm) Engine 


KGK10 11 8.8 10 8 Tier 2 1470*790*1255 2100*950*1350 D1105-E2BG 
KGK13 14.4 11.5 13 10.5 Tier 2 1470*790*1255 2100*950*1350 V1505-E2BG
KGK15.6 17 13.7 15.6 12.5 Tier 2 1470*870*1305 2100*950*1350 D1703-E2BG
KGK20 23 18.5 20 16.5 Tier 2 1470*870*1305 2100*950*1350 V2203-E2BG
KGK27.5 31 24.8 27.5 22 Tier 2 1470*950*1305 2100*950*1350 V3300-E2BG


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