Quality High Voltage Load Bank Supply With Low Price

Model: AC10.5KV-2000K to 5000K
Power Factor: 1
Installed Capacity: 2000KW - 5050KW
Load Voltage: 3 phase 10.5KV 50HZ/60HZ


The ability to test critical power systems at voltages of 1.2KV to 80kV using direct-connect, High Voltage Load Bank offers engineers flexibility, time savings, cost savings, space savings and simplicity. It mainly used to commission utility, oil & gas, and industrial power systems without the need for additional transformers and cabling.

Main features

1.Control mode: (1)local manual control panel (2)remote manual control box (3) remote console (include manual panel and PC control)(4)laptop control

2. Protection function: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, over low blowing rate, blower overheat, blower phase sequence reverse protection, smoke alarm etc.

3. Cooling: industrial heavy duty blower, horizon air intake, upwards outlet, low noise.

4. Power consumption components: made by special alloy resistance, high temperature resisting, high heat dissipation capability, high heat stability, no naked light, safety and reliability. Running temperature is 1/3 of rating. 

5. Weather-proof structure: containerized structure provides ultra protection, protection grade higher than IP55.

6. Material and coating: the body adopt cold-rolled steel plate that processed by galvanizing corrosion protection, powder coated and spray paint.

7. Integrated & modularization design: easy to installation, maintenance and transportation.

Technical Parameters

Model Installed
Load Voltage Dimension
AC10.5KV-2000K 2000KW 1 3 phase 10.5KV 50HZ/60HZ 6058*2438*2591 6000
AC10.5KV-3000K 3050KW 9150*2438*2591 8000
AC10.5KV-5000K 5050KW 12100*2438*2591 10000

The parameters is only for reference, pls contact supplier for exact information

Load Bank provide an inclusive, organized, and fully controllable load. Therefore, the load group can be further defined as an independent, unitary, systematic device, including load elements and control and auxiliary devices required for operation. Load Bank is a kind of device that generates electric load, applies load to power supply and converts or dissipates power output. Load groups are designed to accurately simulate the workload or "real" load seen by the power supply in practical applications. High Voltage Load Bank we produced always match to buyers demand with low price and high quality. Please contact us for more specification.

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