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Why Choose Kingway ATEX Zone 2 Explosion proof generator ?

1) Professonal Team 

We provide a complete 5-2500KVA Zone 2 explosion proof solution for the offshore & onshore, oifield & gasfield industries, all products Standards comply to 2014/34/UE-ATEX directives, Convert to : Group II Equipment, Category 3G (Zone 2 IIB T3 Gc )

The profressonal team will make good Zone 2 power solution package according to each particularly complicated project in oilfield or gasfield , offshore platform etc.

2) Strong production

The  strong production will make fast delivery time of Zone 2 explosion proof generator  and rich experiences on ATEX Zone 2 Explosion proof generator.

3) Good design

Design is the soul of the product.

Good product need good design.

Kingway is always expecting the smile from client when the products are received.