Wholesale Silent Diesel Generator From Factory

Performance: Multi-way air intake
Type: Silent Generator
Feature: Reduce the noise
Working Hour: 8h

Product Description:

Diesel generator sets are broadly utilized in present day industry for high vitality thickness and dynamic strength. For a long time, plan innovation of diesel generator sets has been utilized to accomplish high force effectiveness and condition well disposed activity. As conservative plan innovation has been created, diesel generator sets were presented to commotion and vibration issues. In like manner, numerous investigations on low commotion and vibration have been performed. Kingway has a wide range of option of high quality and reasonable price generator set. We’re a leading company in this industry, we provide various generator sets for farms and agricultural industry, data centers, hospitals, manufacturing centers, quarries, mines, telecommunications, hotels, rural homes and other application, such as volvo generator, doosan generator and so on.

Silent Generator 

Kingway Silent canopy generator sets are designed by professional acoustic engineers with over ten years of experience. Now we can control the generator set s ' noise to 1m 80-85dB(A),7m 70~75dB(A),15m 60~65dB(A)


• Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of the generator.

• The large composite impedance type muffler effectively reduces the noise of the generator set.

• Internal high-performance rubber shock pad and flexible materials reduce generator set’s vibration

• The oil tank at bottom can support the generator set working for 8 hours.

• The soundproof canopy is made of cold steel material.

• The best powder spray, chemical surface treatment before spraying to ensure corrosion    resistance and coating quality

• Beautiful, nice and reliable.

• Stainless steel locks and hinges.

• Adapt to all-weather operation

• Fireproof, rainproof, dustproof.

• High-performance soundproof materials can effectively reduce noise. 

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