ATEX certified 100KVA Zone 2 Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Diesel Generator

Manufacturer: Kingway OEM
Ambient temperature: -25℃~ +60℃
Hazardous Zone: ZONE 2
Certificate number: 《Declaration of conformity》

Product Description:

The explosion-proof motor has a structure that is different from that used in ordinary environments. It can prevent the combustible gas and dust outside the motor from entering the motor to the maximum extent. Ignite the combustible gas and dust existing in the surrounding environment outside the casing. The electrical equipment cover is housed in a housing with a structure that can withstand the explosive pressure of the internal explosive mixture and can prevent the internal explosion from propagating to the explosive mixture around the housing; making it impossible for the live parts of the motor to cause an explosion hazard Sparks, arcs, or dangerous temperatures, or to isolate live parts that may cause these phenomena from explosive mixtures, so that they cannot contact each other or reach the level of explosive danger. Our company manufacturer generator set for many industries, main products including Perkins Diesel Generator, Mobile Diesel Generator, explosion proof air compressor and so on.

Equipment: 100KVA Explosion-proof Diesel Engine Genset
Directive : 2014/34/UE-ATEX
Standard: EN 60079 series / EN 1834 series / EN 1755
Convert to: Group II Equipment, Category 3G ( ZONE 2 IIB T3 Gc )

Diesel driven generator sets for applications in Hazardous Area ( Zone 2 ) mounted in the DNV certified 2.7-1 Skid frame enclosure producing 100KVA @ 0.8 pf,400VAC, 3 Phase +Neutral, 50HZ Output

Explosion-proof Mark  #II 3G IIB T3 Gc
Hazardous Zone ZONE 2
Certificate Declaration of conformity》
Typical generating set output (0.8 pf 25ºC) 100KVA 380V /50HZ
Max. Working Angle 15°
Noise Sound Level (±3 dBA at 7m) 75
Machine Weight (kg) 2500 (dry)  for reference only
Dimensions: L x W x H mm 3412X2200X2256 for reference only
Fuel tank  >300L
Manufacturer  CUMMINS
Model 6BTAA5.9-G2
Governed Speed (rpm) 1500
Rated Power (kW) 120kW@1500rpm
Displacement (L) 5.9
No. of cylinders 6
Engine Oil Capacity (L)  18
Electrical System Voltage (V) 24
Rated Capacity of Battery 120Ah
Manufacturer Kingway OEM
Explosion-proof Mark  # II 3G Ex nA IIB T3 IP55
Certificate number Declaration of conformity》
Hazardous Zone ZONE 2
Ambient temperature -25℃~ +60℃
Altitude ≤1000M
Rated Voltage 380V(50HZ)
Rated Frequency 50HZ
Rated REV 1500RPM
Power Factor 0.8 LAG
Operation  Continuous (S1)
IP Grade IP55
Controller ComAp MRS16

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