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Name: Mobile Power Station
Size: Canopy size depends on the size of specifications
Support: Equipped with 4 mechanical or hydraulic support or devices
Fire: Two fire extinguishers

Product Description:

Kingway has a wide range of option of high quality and reasonable price generator set. We’re a leading company in this industry, we provide various generator sets for farms and agricultural industry, data centers, hospitals, manufacturing centers, quarries, mines, telecommunications, hotels, rural homes and other application. The generator set is composed of an engine (providing kinetic energy), a generator (generating current), and a control system. There are small generators, medium generators and large generators; there are diesel generators, gas generators, gasoline generators, wind generators, solar generators, hydroelectric generators, coal-fired generators, etc.

Mobile Power Station

The mobile diesel generator set have various structure and functions, include hand-push type, three wheel, four wheel, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile silent type, mobile container power station etc. This system is designed and manufactured by Kingway, which has good operating and safety performance.

Mobile Power Station using trough beam welding into frame structure, node chooses reasonable, high strength, good rigidity, meanwhile equipped with leaf spring suspension structure, trailer adopts height adjustable pin type drawing frame, applicable to all kinds of highly tractor, adopt round steel tube welding straight through axle, compact structure, safe and reliable.

● Traction: Using mobile type hook, 360°turntable ,flexible steering, ensure the safety running.

● Braking: With reliable hand brake system and brake interface at the same time, ensure the safety of driving.

● Support: In order to ensure the stability of the mobile power station during operation, t is equipped with 4 mechanical or hydraulic support or devices.

● Doors & Windows: Ventilation windows in the front, split doors at the rear, and doors on both sides for operators to operate.

● Lighting: There is ceiling explosion proof lamp in the canopy, a working table on the right side, and working table lamp, which is convenient for the staff to operate.

● Sound attenuated: The canopy and door of the mobile power station are all decorated with double layers and equipped with sound absorption board to muffle the sound; the exhaust pipe is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton, and the noise can be controlled within 72 dBA.

● External appearance: Paint using high molecular polyurethane paint, color can be made by owner, exhaust pipe adopt upper exhaust, ensure beautiful

● Size: canopy size depends on the size of specifications; the operator can work around, easy operation and maintenance 

● Fire: Two fire extinguishers are provided with the trailer power station.

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