Provide 1250KVA Zone 2 Hazardous Area Explosion Proof Diesel Generator China Manufacturer

Place of Origin: China
Prime Power (kW): [email protected] before Explosion-proof Convert
Supply Ability: 500 sets
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

1250KVA Zone 2 Hazardous Area Diesel Generator

Equipment: 1250KVA Explosion-proof Diesel Engine Genset
Directive : 2014/34/UE-ATEX
Standard: EN 60079 series / EN 1834 series
Convert to: Group II Equipment, Category 3G ( ZONE 2 IIB T3 Gc )

Diesel driven generating set for applications in Hazardous Area ( Zone 2 ) mounted in the DNV certified 2.7-1 Skid frame enclosure producing 1250KVA @ 0.8 pf,400VAC, 3 Phase +Neutral, 60HZ Output

Quality & Compliance:

The Ex product will follow the ATEX standard EN 60079 series and EN 1834 series ,and will give a《DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY》which is signed by the manufacturer according to the ATEX Standard EN 1834-1. 

Explosion-proof Mark II 3G IIB T3 Gc
Hazardous Zone ZONE 2
Certificate 《Declaration of conformity》
Typical generating set output (0.8 pf 25ºC) 1250KVA 480V /60HZ (prime)
Manufacturer CUMMINS
Model KTA50-G9
Governed Speed (rpm) 1800
Prime Power (kW) [email protected] before Explosion-proof Convert
Displacement (L) 50L
No. of cylinders 16
Manufacturer Kingway OEM
(original manufacturer:Stamford)
Explosion-proof Mark II 3G Ex nA IIB T3 IP23
Certificate number 《Declaration of conformity》
Hazardous Zone ZONE 2
Ambient temperature -25℃~ +60℃
Altitude ≤1000M
Rated Voltage 480V(60HZ)
Rated Frequency 60HZ
Rated REV 1800RPM
Power Factor 0.8 LAG
Operation Continuous (S1)
IP Grade IP44
Controller ComAp

This is a special case of engine generator. Diesel compression ignition engines are usually designed to use diesel, but some types of engines are suitable for other liquid fuels or natural gas. The generators are backup power sources that convert fuel supplies (usually propane, diesel or gasoline) into electricity. Certainly, they are the main power supply in case of power failure. This energy is used in external circuits. Unlike the backup generators, the following generators are not permanently installed in one place, so they are easy to start. O400KVA Zone 2 Hazardous. The packaged combination of a diesel engine, a generator and various ancillary devices like base, canopy, sound attenuation, control systems, circuit breakers, jacket water heaters and starting system, is referred to as a "genset" for short.

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