Manufacturing Honda Gasoline Generator From Manufacturer In China

Alternator: Standby Power 11KW-13KW
Engine Type: V-type double cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead valve
Engine Model: GX630
Auxiliary configuration: Fuel Capacity 25L

Honda Gasoline Generator

Installed imported Honda engine, High power, low fuel consumption, easy operation and low noise, Long working hours

Alternators are 100% copper, AVR voltage regulator automatically adjusts the voltage, so that the power is strong and make sure stable output.

Reinforced frame rack, small size, light weight, easy to transport, easy to maintain

Oil protection system, low oil level automatic alarm shutdown, prevents the engine from working at low oil levels and gives the engine more protection

Better sound insulation, small size, good appearance, anodized surface treatment, the body is anti-radiation, rain-proof, frost-resistant, high temperature resistant, and more durable

BH12000 BH15000
Alternator Standby Power 11KW 13KW
Prime Power 10KW 12KW
Frequency  50HZ 50HZ
Rated Voltage  230V 230/400V 230V 230/400V
Max Current 47.8A 12.3A /Phase 56.5A 18.8A /Phase
Phase 1P 3P 1P 3P
Power Factor (Cosφ) 1.0 0.8 1.0  0.8

Insulation Class F F
Engine Engine Model GX630 GX690
Bore x Stroke 78×70mm 78×70mm
Displacement  630cc 690cc
Fuel Consumption  ≤312g/kw.h ≤312g/kw.h
Ignition Method Transistor electronic ignition Transistor electronic ignition
Engine Type V-type double cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead valve V-type double cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead valve
Oil Capacity  1.3L 1.5L
Startup mode Electric Start Electric Start
Auxiliary configuration Fuel Capacity 25L 25L
Battery Capacity 12V-36AH maintenance-free battery 12V-36AH maintenance-free battery
Oil Alarm

Fuel Indicator

Control Panel Digital display Digital display
Others Noise Level 75dBA/7m 75dBA/7m
Overall Size(mm) 950x620x650 950x620x650
Con. Working Time 8h 8h
Weight 160Kg 165Kg

Gasoline - spark ignition is used, and a gasoline fueled engine drives a generator to generate electricity. On the other hand, the generator set uses the compression ignition diesel engine to drive the generator to generate electricity. Inside the natural gas generator, "an internal combustion engine injects a mixture of fuel and air into the combustion chamber, where the piston compresses the mixture. The spark plug ignites the fuel and pushes the piston down to turn the crankshaft. Clip on generator we produced always match to buyers demand with low price and high quality. Please contact us for more specification.

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