High Reliability 190CFM Zone 2 Hazardous Area Diesel Altas Copco Air Compressor From Supplier

Rated Discharge Pressure (bar/psi) : 7 /100
Machine Weight (kg): 1900kg
Dimensions: L x W x H mm: 2200X1400X1500
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

190CFM Zone 2 Hazardous Area Diesel Atlas Copco Air Compressor

Equipment: 190CFM Explosion-proof Diesel Engine Air Compressor
Directive : 2014/34/UE-ATEX
Standard: EN 60079 series / EN 1834 series
Convert to: Group II Equipment, Category 3G ( ZONE 2 IIB T3 Gc )
Original Compressor: Atlas Copco U190

Diesel driven generator sets for applications in Hazardous Area ( Zone 2 ) mounted in the DNV certified 2.7-1 Skid frame enclosure producing 190CFM Explosion-proof Air Compressor

Explosion-proof Mark  II 3G IIB T3 Gc
Hazardous Zone ZONE 2
Certificate 1.ATEX Certificate for engine
2.《Declaration of conformity》 for Compressor set.
3.All certificate are from Europe.
Nominal Volume Capacity (m³/min /cfm) 5.4/ 190
Rated Discharge Pressure (bar/psi)  7 /100
ambient temperature Range (℃) -10℃~50℃
Machine Weight (kg) 1900kg 
Dimensions: L x W x H mm 2200X1400X1500 with DNV2.7-1 certified lifting Frame
Manufacturer Kubota
Model V 1505 T
Full-load / No-load Speed (rpm) 3000/1600
Power (kW) 32.5
Displacement (L) 1.498L
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 5.5

The working principle of zone air compressor is continuous rotary sweep motion. This enables the device to operate with little pulsation or flow surge. It uses two mechanical screw screws (also known as rotors) to compress the gas. It has an integrated leak free oil immersion system. Diesel Sullair air compressor is designed to achieve complete accessibility and reliability. With SSAM (abbreviation for Shutdown System and Annunciation Module) - shutdown with signal device for high compressor temperature, high engine coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure and low engine speed. 190CFM Zone 2 Hazardous Area Diesel Altas Copco Air Compressor we produced always match to buyers demand with low price and high quality. Please contact us for more specification.

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