High Quality Super Silent Diesel Generator Wholesale

Name: Super Silent Generator
Main Parts: Internal high-performance rubber shock pad
Noise Range: 7m 55dB(A),1m 65 dB(A)
Main Parts: The oil tank

Product Description:

For instance, the ideal plan of vibration safeguard on base structure was endeavored to diminish the auxiliary vibration of a diesel generator set. To decrease the vibration of rotor framework, which is basically applied by driving rod, hypothetical forecast techniques have been created concentrating on the torsional and hub vibration of a driving rod. Be that as it may, the current forecast techniques for a driving rod framework are hard to upgrade the vibration qualities of a diesel generator set since driving rod frameworks have a perplexing three-dimensional coupled vibration under working conditions, including the torsional, hub and sidelong vibrations. Furthermore, the significance of rotor and structure vibration of the generator incited by a motor part is expanding because of the low vibration necessity of clients. The investigative model of the whole rotor framework including a driving rod, coupling and generator rotor isn't completely grown at this point. We also provide hydraulic starting motor, ac alternator, explosion proof air compressor. If you have any question, please contact us .

Super Silent Generator 

With the strong R& D ability, Kingway can supply super silent canopy generator sets

Now we can control the generator set s ' noise to 7m 55dB(A),1m  65 dB(A). We can support you the customized super silent generator.


• Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of the generator.

• The large composite impedance type muffler effectively reduces the noise of the generator set.

• Internal high-performance rubber shock pad and flexible materials reduce generator set’s vibration

• The oil tank at bottom can support the generator set working for 8 hours.

• The soundproof canopy is made of cold steel material.

• The best powder spray, chemical surface treatment before spraying to ensure corrosion    resistance and coating quality

• Beautiful, nice and reliable.

• Stainless steel locks and hinges.

• Adapt to all-weather operation

• Fireproof, rainproof, dustproof.

• High-performance soundproof materials can effectively reduce noise. 

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