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The correct maintenance of diesel generating set, especially preventive maintenance, is the most economical maintenance, which is the key to extend the service life of diesel generator and reduce the cost. First of all, we must do a good job in daily work during the use of diesel generator, according to the situation reflected, timely do the necessary adjustment and repair. According to this, different maintenance schedules are worked out according to the contents of the operation and maintenance manual of diesel generator, special working conditions and use experience.

1. Check the fuel volume in the fuel tank, observe the fuel tank storage, and fill up as required.

2. Check the oil level in the oil pan. The oil level should reach the mark on the oil scale. If it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified amount.

3. Check the oil level of the fuel injection pump governor. The oil level should reach the mark on the oil scale. If it is insufficient, add enough oil.

4. Check the three leakage (water, oil and gas). Eliminate oil and water leakage on sealing surfaces such as oil and water pipe joints, and eliminate air leakage at intake and exhaust pipes, cylinder head gasket and turbocharger.

5. Check the installation of diesel engine accessories. Including the stability of the installation of accessories, anchor bolts and the reliability of the connection with the working machinery.

6. Check all instruments. Observe whether the reading is normal, otherwise repair or replace it in time.

7. Check the fuel injection pump drive connection plate. Whether the connecting screw is loose, otherwise, the fuel injection advance angle should be recalibrated and the connecting screw should be tightened.

8. Clean the appearance of diesel engine and auxiliary equipment. Wipe the oil, water and dust on the surface of the engine body, turbocharger, cylinder head cover and air filter with dry cloth or dry cloth soaked in diesel oil; wipe or blow the dust on the surface of charging generator, radiator and fan with compressed air.