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Place of Origin: China
Integrated warranty: Three years
Feature: Resistant to high temperature corrosion
All control valve groups: Imported brands

Hydraulic motor starting system:

Hydraulic motor starting system consists of motor, motor driver and hydraulic storage station device.

The advantage of the hydraulic motor starting system is that it can achieve a real "black start", that is, when the external energy (such as power cutoff and gas cutoff) is completely lost, the working principle is through manpower charging to the energy storage station device, output high-pressure energy to start the diesel engine, and it can still start normally under too low temperature and cold conditions.

The system is very suitable for starting paralyzed ships, offshore, extreme temperature conditions, and explosion-proof occasions, stand-alone or standby start diesel engines and diesel generator sets (explosion-proof occasions should be made of materials such as cast iron, copper alloy, etc.)

The system is with the characteristics if high starting torque (commonly used in high-power engines), smooth starting and low impact.

Starting motor & motor drives

The technology advantages of starting motor & motor drives

1. The European brand two-way variable motor is adopted, which is convenient for changing the starting rotation direction and has reliable quality.

2. The self-developed motor driver adopts high temperature forgings, which has high assembly accuracy and will not cause broken teeth and shaft collision. Professionally customized sealing components, using military ship sealing technology (patent), can effectively prevent oil leakage.

3. We can also provide explosion-proof starting motors, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Hydraulic pump energy storage station for starting motor

The hydraulic pump energy storage station consists of hydraulic tank

(hydraulic pump), accumulator, manual (electric) control valve, pressure pump, pipeline and pipeline accessories.

The hydraulic pump can be manually or electrically pressurized, or it can  be used in parallel at the same time.

The accumulator volume is designed according to the starting parameters of the engine. The tank of the hydraulic storage station is made of stainless steel and is resistant to high temperature corrosion.

Electric hydraulic pump storage station:

Manual hydraulic pump energy storage station:

Quality guarantee & after-sales service

All control valve groups will be used imported brands.

Integrated warranty: three years

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