Buy Diesel Generator Welding From Factory In China

Nominal power: 10kw
Current adjustment : 50~300A
Rated current : 275A
Voltage: 70-75V

300A diesel generator welding

Project Model SHD300LE
Nominal power kW 10
Rated current  A 275
Current adjustment  A 50~300
Voltage V 70-75
Load rate  % 60
Welding rod  mm Φ2.0~6.0
Insulation Grade
Protection level
Rated power  KW 5.0
Maximum power KW 5.5
Voltage V 230
rated current:
Frequency:  Hz 50
Power factor:  Cosfi 0.8
Noise level  dB 75
Fuel tank capacity/Continuous working time L/hr. 110/10
Voltage system regulation 
Structure type 
Engine type 
Four cylinder,2-stroke,Water cooling ,diesel engine
Max.outpur(1500rpm)  KW 12
Self suction 
Cooling system 
Air cooling
Starting system 
Electric start
Rpm  rpm 3600
Oil capacity  L 2.3
Fuel type 
0# in summer,-10# in winter,diesel
Packing size(L×W×H) mm 107×70×95
Net/Gross weight  kg 215/250

A diesel generator (DG), also known as a diesel generator set, is a combination of a diesel engine and a generator (usually an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a special case of engine generator. Diesel compression ignition engines are usually designed to use diesel, but some types of engines are suitable for other liquid fuels or natural gas. The generators are backup power sources that convert fuel supplies (usually propane, diesel or gasoline) into electricity. Certainly, they are the main power supply in case of power failure. This energy is used in external circuits. Unlike the backup generators, the following generators are not permanently installed in one place, so they are easy to start. Diesel generator for welding machine we produced always match to buyers demand with low price and high quality. Please contact us for more specification.

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