Gas cogeneration units mainly use natural gas as fuel for internal combustion engines to generate electricity. The heat from exhaust heat and cylinder liner is recovered to provide hot water or steam for daily life and industrial production.

The gas cogeneration unit is composed of gas engine, AC alternator, heat recovery system and control system. The mechanical energy generated by the combustion of gas in the internal combustion engine drives the alternator to output 380V three-phase AC electricity, which can be for both self-use and power grid. The high temperature (550-600℃)exhaust gas and the cylinder liner water ( 80-90 ℃) can produce high temperature hot water (< 85℃) through the waste heat recovery system for domestic hot water or winter heating.

Advantages of Cogeneration Units

1. High Comprehensive efficiency and energy saving

Gas cogeneration system has higher power and heat generation efficiency and can significantly reduce fuel costs. The heat generated set can be used entirely for domestic hot water or heating, the electricity generated can be used for relevant engineering sites, and the surplus electricity can also be sent to the power grid, which can provide additional benefits and high independence in the volatile energy market.

2. Environmentally Friendly, Carbon Emissions reduction

Gas cogeneration units can save up to 40% of primary energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% compared with traditional power generation methods. Compared with other fuels, natural gas burns with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Compact structure, less space demand

The compact structure allows the most efficient conversion of engine power and combustion heat into electrical and thermal energy. Integrated design, compact structure, reasonable layout, the space occupied by units in the building is minimized, which will reduce the cost of installation and connection of units.

4. Easy operation and smart control

Heating capacity and power output can be automatically adjusted. It can supply power synchronously with the power grid and automatically track the frequency of the power grid to ensure the safety of power supply.